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Re: AEB Workout Log

I worked out at the Y today, following CFCC programming. Squatting heavy at a globogym is HILAROUS.

I was working up to a 1RM (PR of 215#) and so I was doing a lift, waiting a minute, etc. Like you do. Some lady keeps coming over and I told her she was welcome to work in. She told me I had strong legs (duh), and she started taking my 210# off the bar. She stripped it to 135# and began to do high rep quarter squats with her knees caving in.

When I went to load the bar for 220# (new PR) she asked how many reps I was doing. When I told her just 1, she said "well that makes me feel better". So I'm glad the fact that my full-depth squat at 220# is only something I can do for one rep makes her feel better. Cause her form isn't going to do the trick.

Then the guy I asked to spot me on 220# (useless spot, BTW) told me I can outsquat most men. You know that's right, at least at the Y.

I did the CFCC metcon in 12.29 since I suck at double unders and I had to run all over the gym to row, run, do burpees, and jump rope. I still suck at double unders, tho.

500m row
600m run
30 burpees
30 double unders

Back squat jumps:

155x2 (math is hard!)
220x1 (PR)
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