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In my opinion, your best bet is to avoid the Zone due to its carbohydrate content. Base your diet on healthy meats, eggs, nuts, olive/coconut oil, and a wide assortment of non-starchy veggies. Once you reach your ideal body composition and regain your insulin sensitivity (fish oil, alpha-lipoic-acid, and cinnamon will all help here), you can add back in some low sugar/low gi fruit such as berries if you so choose.

If you're into reading I would check out, "Life Without Bread," by Wolfgang Lutz, and, "Neanderthin," by Ray Audette. Both are great reads with tons of valuable information. Dr. Lutz is a medical doctor who has successfully treated a wide range of diseases (including diabetes) with a low carb diet and offers compelling evidence for the use of, and great advice on implementing a low carb plan. Ray Audette is basically an armchair scientist who stumbled across the paleo diet concept and managed to reverse his diabetes and various other ailments.

Best of luck! Keep us posted!
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