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Christopher C Brophy
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John and Greg:

Thanks for the feed back...My thought on the zone diet is the carb % is too high...

John, yes I was doing the wod's prior to the diagnosis...I am a type 2 so I have pretty much taken out as much sugars as I the time of the diagnosis I was at 300..My blood sugar level is now at 100-111...Last night was my first night back doing the wods and I could tell a difference in my energy level as I have not gotten my diet figured out...

I started the wods around December 1st...this was my first exercise in a while so my metabolic capacity was not very good to begin with but in hindsight I could tell I was struggling...From the strength I improved...what is intersting I started out only able to do 2-3 dead hang pullups but yesterday I did 13...I assumed it was just loss of weight as I have now cut out all fruits and 99% of sugars, i.e., gatorade, orange juice, white breads..

It will be interesting to compare my results now to when I began...Until I can utilize other sources of energy I am going to assume my energy will be low...
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