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Christopher, I'm no doctor, but I do a whole lot of reading of scientific research. Most studies comparing low and high carbohydrate diets have found that the test subjects on low carbohydrate diets had far superior glycemic control as compared to the high carbohydrate participants. To put it simply, diabetes is a disease of sugar metabolism. In simple english, the pancreas gets overused by excessive levels of insulin release and the receptors in your pancreas become desensitized to high blood sugar levels, resulting in a reduction or complete absence of insulin release. With this in mind, we can easily conclude that the less sugar in your blood (the amount of sugar/carbs you eat influence this) the less need there will be for insulin. Remember, I'm not a doctor, but if I was personally in your position I would not follow the Zone approach. Although the carbs in the Zone are mostly of low GI, they are still carbs and still register as sugar in your body. I would look into trying a very low carb diet that includes plenty of fat. Here's a site that I think you should really check out. Jan has helped thousands of people to overcome a lot of diseases simply by switching them to a very high fat diet that is low in carbs. Here it is: I would check out the whole site but specifically the diabetes section, lots of good info.
Another good link is:
Hope this helped you out.
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