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Ivonne Berkowitz
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Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been reading along on for almost a month now, and just started doing WOD's with the new CrossfitNYC group which launched this past Sunday. I LOVE it. Absolutely love it.

I am a personal trainer at a large gym in the upper east side, where most if not all of my clients are the average joe and jane. My own workout history/background for myself has been geared more toward the bodybuilding/figure side than anything else, so a lot of this crossfit stuff is new and unfamiliar territory to me, at least in practice if not in theory.

As for the diet - I am not sure that I will be following a paleo or zone diet strictly. I do watch what I eat and eat generally clean foods (lean meats, veggies, EFA's, etc), but I also include grains, legumes and tubers in my diet (brown rice, oats, peanut butter/peanuts, yams and such). I also occasionally indulge in a diet soda or sweets, but not as often as I'd like (yes i have a sweet tooth that rears its ugly head once in a while).

Aaaanyway! Before i get toooo verbose here... just wanted to say hi!
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