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Mike J
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Hi everybody, I am pretty new to CrossFit but have started the WoD, and am happy with it. Although I am new to the program, I would definately consider myself a fitness freak .. always looking for new ways to train and get in the best possible shape.

Anyways, I will be entering the United States Naval Academy in June and have to be in top shape for 'plebe summer'. I am excited and it is truly refreshing to get on a message board like this and read about people who are just as motivated as I am.

Just wondering, does anyone have Instant Messanger or Yahoo messanger? I often have free time between classes and later at night if anyone would like to chat about the WoD, sports, or just getting into great shape..

Aim: mick6584
yahoo: slaghmic

Thanks, and anchors aweigh!
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