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Diabetic technology

My mother is a child onset type I diabetic (meaning she does not produce insulin). I recently read an article about a pump that monitors blood sugars internally without the need for testing, as I know there were some threads about Diabetics and CrossFit.

I sent her this article about the pumps (wfs):

This is what I got in reply from my mother who is a Nurse Practitioner and a Diabetic Educator, as well as a very well known guinea pig for some of the top brand diabetic testing and supply manufacturers in the country. She was one of the people when the airlines took away liquids a year back that got the airlines within hours of taking away liquids to reverse their policy for diabetics carrying their medical supplies.


I've been wearing the DEXCOM Continuous Glucose Sensor for over a year and the new upgrade arrives Friday. It is inserted in my abdomen like my pump and gives me an updated reading every 5 minutes. It alarms when my glucose level goes below 80 and 55 plus when glucose rises above 200. Wakes me at night so I catch the drop before I get into trouble - also at work when I'm running like crazy. I now treat lows sooner than later so I don't "drive off the road."

You can check out the DEXCOM sensor at" - The link is WFS.

I don't know if this helps any of the diabetics out there, but I thought I would share it.

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