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Re: Gain Or Lose?

69kg male lifters tend to be some short guys. Alex lee is a 69 around 5'5 but that's about as tall as 69kg lifters go.

At 5'8, somewhere between 77-85. There are some 94's that size but they are freaks like Kendrick.

That being said, it would take you awhile to fill out to 77 or 85 so there is no rush.

Eat at a slight surplus and give yourself some time and heavy training. It can be Athletic Zone, Eat2Perform, RP Bodybuilding style. Whatever. Use a mirror and a weight scale to judge if you are gaining size or chub.

It also depends on goals. Do you want to lift heavyweights or be a metcon king or bodyweight enthusiast?

Yeah, a pretty simple program could be WestSide for SkinnyBastards. You can google it.
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