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Hey thanks for detailed reply Elliot,

If you saw me you probably wouldn't guess that I am the weight I am. Most usually guess that I am 10 to 20 pounds lighter then I am by just looking at me. I guess my point here is that I am pretty heavy at 5ft 6in and I worked hard to get there, but I seem to top out about there or if I eat a whole lot and try real hard I can get up to 205, but it is real hard to keep there. My body just naturally doesn't want to be there. Sorry I am rambling a little here. I feel pretty good at the weight I am and I don't feel that I have slowed down at all and I have always trained all body parts equal, so in other words, I don't have this huge upper body and little legs or vise versa. I think I am pretty proportionate between my upper body and lower. The funny thing is that I never really get big and bulky, but I guess you could say, more or less more dense. Finally to get to the point of my rambling, my extra mass doesn't seem to get in my way or slow me down at all and in fact I seem to be faster and stronger with it. This of course will all remain to be proven as I get a little deeper into the CrossFit world.

Although I can completely understand your point of being to heavy and not an optimal weight for my height. I have always been some what stocky so its in my nature to be a little heavier then most at my height. I have always been lean and if I let my body go with out trying to force it to keep the weight or gain then I lose weight and lean out a little more then I am now to about 180. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being leaner at all. I guess its just that I for so long always tried to gain weight and it has been a long hard road, so to see it all go would suck. I have been hovering around 190 for about the last 6 years now and it seems to have stuck.

To answer your question on goals, my goals are/would be, to have the best of both worlds if at all possible. I am sure I will have to make a sacrifice some where I just hope for it not to be to drastic. I have been contemplating since the beginning of my CrossFit training how I was going to mix the two to get the best of both worlds. Right now I am on kind of a crash course to see where it takes me and so far I like the results. To my surprise I have not lost any weight, but maintained and I seem to have tightened up a little since starting CrossFit. Also after doing the CFT last night and considering the state in which I did it (slight bit worn out from CrossFit). It seems that I may be able to maintain my strength.

Fingers and eyes crossed that I can. HEHEHE!! The goal for me in doing CrossFit is to of course get in better condition. I travel %100 for work so I am not able to get the same type of training schedule I used to when I worked at home. I used to sparr/train 5 to 6 times a week and then do heavy lifting. Lots of sparring rounds and heavy Squats, Benches, Barbell Rows and Deads kepted me in good condition. Lately after 3 years of doing the traveling and getting to sparr if I am luckly 1 or 2 times a month doesn't keep me in as good as shape as I was. I started to notice my level of conditioning start to drop when I would come home to sparr. In short I was sucking wind. CrossFit is looking up to be my savior in that department. I never did any running because I seemed to just get weaker and lose weight doing it, so I was just sucking it up and settling for being out of breath when I would get to sparr while I was home.

Well as you might have guess I am tired of being out of breath and want to be back to where I was and much better. I wouldn't mind being a little lighter at around 180, but not much less and especially if I can maintain or even better gain strength and power. I have been thinking of doing exactly what you suggested of throwing a couple of heavy lifting sessions in here and there. I guess now all I have to do is go through the trial and error figuring out what is going to be optimal for me. Thank again for your feed back I really appreciate it.


Is 205 really that good of a lift? I have pushed up for a good strict 7 to 8 reps of 265 of seated military press. I might have pushed with my legs a little, but not a lot and like I said I didn't go all out for it is a new lift for me and I don't feel the greatest of control over the lift as of yet.


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