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Re: Just started

Your diet will determine how much of your mass you gain or lose. Many a body-builder have come to CrossFit seeking "overall fitness," aka GPP, and have found that their lifts and body mass have suffered. In my opinion, CrossFit's best feature is that it allows your body to determine how to be efficient on its own.

A 5'6" 190/200# person is not my definition of efficiency. That's not intended as a jab at all. But clearly you are of the bodybuilding mentality, which may or may not suit you as far as CrossFit is concerned. CrossFit isn't for bodybuilding necessarily, but it can be catered to it, depending on your goals and your diet (see Max Effort Black Box, and Performance Menu).

Your CFT is great in those particular areas. However I would personally consider 190 or 200 pounds to be about 20 to 30 pounds overweight for your height. That's just me though, and seriously it just depends on what you want to get out of it.

If you do JUST CrossFit, odds are you will lose some of that extra mass, as your body tries to become more efficient. There's just not enough heavy lifting stimulus, in my opinion, to support that, with just straight-up CrossFit. You could modify it from 3 on 1 off to include some heavy lifting days, or you could do something like what Performance Menu offers.

The bottom line, in my personal and humble opinion, is that you need to decide for yourself what your goals are. If you want to be a bodybuilder, then you need to be bodybuilding, doing heavy lifting, eating right, etc. If you want GPP, then you need to be doing CrossFit, eating right, etc. If you want some of both worlds, you can have that too.

But it's probably unrealistic for you to want the best of bodybuilding, along with the best of GPP.

So be realistic with yourself on what your goals are. Being overweight for your height is generally inefficient, and there's a certain point where added mass becomes less functional and more detrimental, in my opinion. Of course if mass gaining and increased lifts are your goal, then more power to you.

As you're bound to hear over and over again in your stay here: your diet will determine 90% of your composition.
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