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Just started

Hi all,

I just started CrossFit and I have done a total of two and a half weeks of training. I am really liking it and the more I learn about it the more I like it. I love the idea and concept behind it all. Anyway I did CFT tonight for the first time and I could of done better, but working out this way has taken its toll on me. I was used to doing a mix between a power lifting routine and a modern body building routine. I pretty much trained everything once a week until now. I think since I started CrossFit I have been doing nothing, but using my legs it seems. Holy cow my legs are toast and I have been barely using weights at all. OK OK, anyway the real question I have is where do I rank with my CFT numbers? First of all I am 190 pounds at 5ft 6in. I did a somewhat conservative numbers on all lifts for I am not sure if my legs were going to give out or not. HEHE!! Anyway I did 375 Squat, 205 Push Press (never done these before) and a 445 Dead. If you all could shed some light on me I would appreciate it.

Oh and one other thing. I have worked hard to gain weight from 135 pounds to my current weight and at times up to 205. So my question is if I do the 3 days on 1 day off cycle will it be hard for me to keep my weight or ever gain weight (muscle weight)?


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