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Re: My experience on the Zone and Paleo Diet

Originally Posted by Charles Wischmann View Post
Hey Michelle,

had a question for you. ive been doing the zone diet for 3 months now. Im looking great and feeling pretty good. the only thing ive noticed that my engery during wods has gone down. do you think i should bump up the fats for me energy?

thanks for your time.

Hey Charles,

Great question!! That is whats so great about the Zone Diet, once you get settle in and know exactly what you're eating, then you can dial in even more. If you're low on energy then Bump up you fat intake. After several months, I had to add fat and times by fat blocks by 3. Depending on the day, if I do two workouts in that given day, I'll bump up my blocks from 14 to 16, sometime 18. It all depends how I feel. So experiment and play around with it, there's nothing better then being able to dial in your nutrition to a tee!!

Take Care, Let me know if you have anymore questions, happy to help

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