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Re: Shoes-Running-Crossfit

Jeff, as Brandon stated, there really is no official position. But based on my own experiences and reading the other posts on this thread, I would have to say try out different shoes to see what works best for you. A lot of athletic shoe stores now have the harder rubber floor matting. I always try out several shoes and just outright jog around the aisles in them. I make sure no one is in the way and I don’t run all out. But I do just enough to get a good feel for the shoe. The store clerks don’t mind and if they did I would tell them “hey what do you want, I’m working here. I’m trying to decide which shoe feels best for me..otherwise I’ll just take my money elsewhere.” But most of the time they are pretty cool with it and they know why I am doing what I am doing. I’ll do walking lunges in them as well up and down the aisle, I don’t care because I want to leave as satisfied as possible. Then I will even go out on a short run with the shoes on a surface that is not too muddy or dirty. I usually go down the paved bike trail near my home. This gives me a great idea of how these shoes will really work for me in the“long run” …no pun intended. If at that point I am still not completely satisfied, I will then take them back to the store and exchange them. But I have over 20 years of running expderience so I know what brands works best for me. Now that I am starting to train in the POSE style, I have notice an overall improvement in my post running leg muscle recovery process because my long running history is that of a heel striking marathoner. I like the ideas that I have read here about getting shoes that have less heel rubber. I can see now how that would be more of an opposing condition to POSE running. So I will have to take that into consideration the next time I get a pair of shoes, which will be soon because I go through at least 2 to 3 shoes per year…my wife is not too happy about the expense. I usually switch off between New Balance, NIKE or Sauconies. And they vary in styles every year. Again, the bottom line is that you will just have to try them out for yourself. There is no one shoe for everybody, IMHO.

Good luck.

Vibram Fivefingers?? Thanks George, I'll have to look for some.
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