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October 17th, 2010.

Second workout, (After the first workout I did some workout at sport lesson, which got my triceps some real tough DOMS)

Today's WOD:

Puppy (minus) level:

warm up: a few minutes, about 600-700 meter run, this warm up got me quite tired as it seems.

2 rounds of:

10 assisted pull-ups (pretty wide grip, putting my legs on some ladder on the bottom part of it, which essentially means the pull-ups were pretty easy, except in the upper part of the movement).

15 knee raises-which were pretty easy, the only annoying part was that my back was shrugged holding myself (after doing the pullups)

10 burpees, and the second round 5 burpees, this is really probably the toughest part of my routine, they are really hard for me.

200-250 meter run.

took me about 12-13 minutes those 2 rounds.
Later on I tried working on my power clean, started with the rack position, when putting my elbows narrowed it hurt my wrists, putting the elbows a little farther it hurt my shoulders, but the shoulder pain really doesn't annoy me much, the main issue was the lack of flexibility, the bar seemed to always get to my neck (or vise versa), either that or it was too loose on my shoulders.
Didn't practice it much though, I was extremely exhausted.

After this whole whining scroll, it was a pretty good workout, It hurt pretty bad, and I'm looking forward to my next training session.
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