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Originally Posted by Guy Erez View Post
I scaled a lot, I thought it would be enough.

So your advice is to take the main-site WOD's for a while until I get into better shape?, and combine the main-site WOD's with 3+hours afterwards aerobic training from CFE?

Not finishing the WOD means you didn't scale enough, the main point of scaling is generally to make it so that you are able to do the number of rounds and reps prescribed unless you are too far out of shape. If you can't do 30 chin-ups fresh, you shouldn't be trying to do that many standard chin ups in a WOD, most likely you would/should have been doing the same number of chin ups but with a band or even jumping pullups rather than trying to do them standard.. There's no shame in that.
If you are unable to complete the wod and you put in max effort, you shouldn't also be trying to add the endurance work or you are asking for injury/burnout. Even scaled, these workouts are meant to wipe you out regardless of fitness level, but even moreso if you aren't in shape.
Just keep at it, you are doing good regardless, you did more chin ups and burpees today than you did yesterday!
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