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Re: Anyone taken the ACSM - HFS certification test?

It's been a long time since I took the HFI and CSCS, so take my advice with that in mind.

The ACSM study kit is $125 and the metabolic calculations book is $31. The calculations book is optional but if you work through the problems you basically get a few automatic points because the calcs are very easy once practiced. This should give you all the info you would need and isn't a bad price for certification material. If you are going to take the exam you should error on the side of getting more material than necessary just so you don't have to take it again. It may seem like a chunk of money initially, but it is ultimately cheaper than retaking an exam.

For the CSCS you really only need the "Essentials" text ($80). A practice test is helpful, but not necessary.

Consider your interests and desires. If you hope to work with Crossfit athletes or or are more interested in strength training I would definitely go for the CSCS. ACSM may have changed, but they used to be focused almost solely on cardio topics and more for the general public.
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