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Re: Again Faster Slam Ball Sale

Originally Posted by Jon Gilson View Post
Hey Guys,

Well...that went faster than we expected!

Again Faster is moving our warehouse, so we thought we'd save ourselves the trip with some of the heavy gear, including those slam balls. They sold WAY faster than we anticipated, but I'm glad that those who got them received a great deal.

We will be restocking the new warehouse shortly, but the sale is over.



Just sent email to the "service@" email, but thought I'd drop a line here, too. I ordered a 25# and a 50# about two weeks ago. I have received the 25# ball, but haven't gotten any sort of notification about the status of the 50# ball. When I first went to order, the 25's were out of stock. They came back in, so I ordered both, and they definitely showed as in-stock. I'm hoping I didn't fall through the cracks and miss out on actually getting a 50#, though. Hope to hear from you guys on this. Thanks.
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