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Re: Who has experimented with doing this?

Originally Posted by Vickie Ellickson View Post
I understood why you and Pearse said this, but I'm taking two things into consideration. First, some of his classes are only an hour long. Unless they're jumping right into competition rolls from the beginning of class, I don't expect someone who is in good shape (including good grappling shape) to be anywhere near wrecked after an hour long class. I'm making the (possibly poor) assumption that at least a quarter of time (if not more) is spent on technique. If my assumption is true, doing a lift session afterwards should be feasible.

The second consideration is that he said that he didn't seem that physically taxed after class. Again, depending on the class structure, he simply may not be exerting that much during class.

I've done an hour and half class (15min warm-up, 45min technique, 30min rolling) and had enough energy for one or two good lifts after.
This is a fair enough point, actually- in fact, I've done a fair few classes that have been technique work and some light drills only. Certainly nothing that would inhibit me from getting a good bit of strength work done. I was at an old club though, where each class was 2 hours long, and each finished with 30-45 minutes of solid, hard rolling. No-gi as well, which I find ups the pace and increases the toll it takes on your fitness compared to rolling in a gi.
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