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Re: Who has experimented with doing this?

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
A better option would be to lift BEFORE your grappling classes, grab 30min to an hour to recover between (considering you start the class with 15-30min of technique), then focus on NOT taxing your muscles during the class. It's still less than ideal, but better than lifting on hot muscles.
This is also a good option b/c assuming you are somewhat fatigued from your lifts, it helps you rely more on technique than athleticism when rolling.

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
I believe you are drastically overestimating the benefit you are getting from "one or two good lifts"
You're going off of perfectly reasonable logic, and I'm going off of experience. It's possible we have different perspectives of how much energy is expended during jiu jitsu. I like to have a good sweat going ("hot muscles" as you'd say) before lifting, and jiu jitsu class one way to get there. But that's my personal preference, and not everyone may share that.

I'm also assuming the OP is in his 20s, which is perhaps erroneous. If my assumption is correct though, then if I, a 37y/o female, have the energy to lift after class, then I suspect the same should be true for a 20-something male who states that he does not feel taxed after class.

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
(especially considering the OP has available TWO DAYS A WEEK. 4 sets a week won't benefit him at all).
Not sure what you mean about 4 sets a week?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the OP's situation. I understood it as he currently lifts two days week. It sounded to me like he is thinking about switching from doing everything in those two days to spreading it out to one or two movements throughout the week after his BJJ classes (i.e. power clean and pullups on Monday, bench on Tuesday, squat on Wednesday, etc).

The whole conversation is probably moot, as OP hasn't responded after his initial post.
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