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Re: Who has experimented with doing this?

We'll have to agree to disagree on this. No part of my experience in the last 20yrs in strength training and 15yrs of combative arts training makes me believe in what you are saying.

I fully understand the misconception you are having about "not feeling spent" after classes. The fact that a grappler doesn't feel spent after a workout doesn't mean they are FRESH. For strength training benefits, your body should be FRESH. The fact that I can roll for an hour and then go deadlift within 10lbs of my PR doesn't mean that it will benefit me to do so. Strength training should be about getting stronger, and lifting weights on used muscles, even if it's just 30min of rolling, is NOT beneficial for strength gains. Strength training for gains is about neurology and chemistry more than psychology.

A better option would be to lift BEFORE your grappling classes, grab 30min to an hour to recover between (considering you start the class with 15-30min of technique), then focus on NOT taxing your muscles during the class. It's still less than ideal, but better than lifting on hot muscles.

Originally Posted by Vickie Ellickson View Post
I've done an hour and half class (15min warm-up, 45min technique, 30min rolling) and had enough energy for one or two good lifts after.
I believe you are drastically overestimating the benefit you are getting from "one or two good lifts" (especially considering the OP has available TWO DAYS A WEEK. 4 sets a week won't benefit him at all). If it makes you feel like you're doing extra work, then great, but I'm not prone to believe, based on my strength training experience, that there are any real gains being made. Caveat: if you have a low level of strength, then ANYTHING helps, but if you're a competitive grappler, I hope that you're not dealing with low strength.

"Garbage miles" for runners are real, "Garbage reps" for lifters are real.
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