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hi. i'm new and i'm not sure about my blocks either. i'm 30 years old and overweight (5'9" 228 lbs). i'm pretty active with regular martial arts, paintball, biking, shooting, outdoors stuff, etc... i have been doing crossfit for about a month, however, i can still only manage 50% WODs. yet, when i in put my info into the body fat calculator i got 22 blocks a day (5,3,5,3,5,1). does this seem high to people? should i stick with this number?

the calculator gave me a lean body mass of 169 lbs. when i went in to my health club to get analyzed about 6 months ago i also got a lean body mass of about 170 lbs and the fitness guys did a lot more measuring. so the 22 blocks seem right. but i still think 22 blocks sounds high.

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