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I could be wrong Kevin, but if it was evolutionary, we would all be meat and potatoes kind of people. Just 150 years ago, we were using 4-8000 calories per day. Hard physical labor. We ate about the same...meat, meat and more meat. Lot's of fat. We just killed a critter and ate it. But we weren't fat because we had to tend the fields and build the cabin and the barn and wagon and tools..... you get the point. NO SUGAR. We couldn't go grap a snickers at the local am/pm. Our craving for sugar is a conditioned response. Pleasure comes from what the external stimuli conditions the mind to enjoy. I was conditioned to enjoy coke, juices and sweet drinks. That is what was poured into my glass, as a child. No one drank water. I hated water. Now I am conditioned to love water. It is the only liquid that quenches my thirst. I don't know when or how the sugar thing got going...all the holidays celebrated with candy...but we have to change for the health of our children.
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