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The majority of Americans are addicted to sugar. Period. We were given 'treats' for being good little boys and girls. We celebrate with treats. All of our major holidays are celebrated with sugar..Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. You, me and all of us are addicted to sugar unless your parents were part of the VERY FEW who raised you without sugar. Our food manufacturers are aware of our addiction to sugar so they load up foods and juices with it. I gave up sugar 6 years ago. When I walk into a grocery store, my eyes will see candy and food with sugar that I used to eat, and upon first glimpse, my 'psychological switch' will go off, and I will want it, but my self talk is conditioned now to say, POISON, POISON. I don't touch it. If 'the bad stuff' does not go in the grocery cart, it does not get eaten. That is what we must teach ourselves.
As an 'in home' personal trainer, my first step is to meet with a client at their home and go through the fridge and pantry. We identify the 'bad stuff' and if I am to accept them as a client, they MUST eliminate the bad stuff from the shopping list. I reserve the right, per my agreement, to venture into the kitchen for 'spot inspections' any time I enter their home.
Don't bring it home and you won't eat it!
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