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Chris Longley
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1 - If you're doing the 15hr fast, stick with your zone prescription, just eat the same number of blocks in the available time frame. For me, this means a meal/snack every 2 hours (I eat 5-6 times per day).

2 - I think that the reasoning behind the 5 block limit is to avoid spiking insulin which large meals can do. Therefore I'd avoid it. If your prescription is 17 blocks, then you shouldn't need to eat a meal over 5 blocks to get your blocks in.

You could split your day up like this and still finish with a larger 5 block meal to see you through to morning...

10am Breakfast = 4 blocks
12pm Snack = 2 blocks
2pm Lunch = 4 blocks
4pm Snack = 2 Blocks
7pm Dinner = 5 blocks
Fast until 10am = approx 15hrs

Hope that helps.
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