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I'm kind of already doing the IF thing since I'm not too hungry when I wake up in the A.M. so I have to force myself to eat in order to get my blocks in during the day with the proper amount of spacing in between meals. That and if my 2 year old sleeps until 10 in the morning I'm not getting up until 10. So I really need to just stop eating earlier to get in the 15 hours.

I just started the Zone August 1st, and I feel great. I figure since I'm already pretty much doing the IF I might as well just go for it and give it a try. My questions are:
1- If you are on the Zone and doing IF, do you just stick with the prescribed blocks, say 17 for me, or eat more to compensate for the fast?
2- Can you eat more than 5 blocks in a meal? I know Nicole said don't eat more then 5 in a sitting in the Help me Nicole thread, so I was wondering if I could eat an 8 block meal at dinner to hold me off.

Thanks in advance
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