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Larry Lindenman
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Scott, I was up early this morning and, somehow, I was thinking of your situation. If you had more time I would encourage you to try to get down to 6 - 7 % bodyfat, by dropping you fat blocks down to 5 per meal and 2 for snack. My 2 cents regarding training for your fight: Taper for a week prior to your event. I'm guessing this is a three round, 1 - 2 minutes a round event? People tend to train with longer rounds. I'm going to suggest the WOD gives you the endurance to complete your event, so shorten your training rounds and increase the output and power of each round. So if the event calls for 3 X 1 minute rounds, I would spar 3 x 45 sec. rounds but up the punch count. These type of fights are primarily offensive battles and you want your output to be very high. Also, you should use three training partners (one for each round) so you have fresh meat each round. Continue to work focus mitts, heavy bag, speed bag, and top and bottom bag. Good luck, don't get hurt (too bad)!
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