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Chris Forbis
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Beth is right, if you can fit it into your schedule, I HIGHLY recommend having as many small meals/snacks a day as you can. I eat 6 "meals" of 2-3 blocks throughout the day. In addition, I have a large ~6.5 block breakfast about an hour after my workout. The longest I go without food is 3 and a half hours (after the big breakfast). When I was on a more "Zone standard" 3 meals and 2 snacks my energy levels were good. Now they are even better. I seem to be recovering better from the WOD as well.

And if you want to get finicky about portion sizes, buy a kitchen scale. Or a postage scale works too. I love my scale, but then, I'm borderline OCD on getting my zone portions just right...

For what it's worth, I'm ~170 pounds, ~8% BF. I get 20.5 blocks a day, with 3x on the fat. The biggest key with the zone is monitoring how you feel and adjusting from there. Eating 21 blocks makes you feel sluggish or adds bad weight? Drop a couple blocks. The Zone is kind of like Crossfit in its adaptability.
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