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Larry Lindenman
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I weigh about 200 - 205 and do three meals at 5 blocks and two 2 block snacks. With your extra boxing workouts your about right. I'd start at a total of 19 blocks and adjust the fat as needed; ie. if performance suffers or bodyfat goes too low adjust the fat blocks up. Extra fat could come from fish oil, flax oil or seeds, olive oil, or nuts (almonds or walnuts). Watch the rice and only use it as a condiment. I suggest making some meals and the ones you like record them in a notebook for future reference. Once you get about 10 - 15 meals, you don't need to count blocks anymore, just follow the instructions in your notebook. The "eye hand" method still works well in resturants, just remember double the protein size for "healthy carbs" and use the same size as the protein portion for "unhealthy carbs and grain based food.
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