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For about the past 8 months, I've been eating Zone-ish, but not actually measuring. I would eat a protein portion about the size of my hand and fill the plate with veggies from there. My performance has improved markedly over my previous diet. Well, yesterday, I decided to start actually following blocks. I'm training for an amateur boxing tournament here on campus that is at the end of Feb and I want to improve my performance even further.

My question is this: have I calculated correctly? I'm 5'10, 185-190ish, and measured at about 13% BF (went up a couple points over xmas break....eating in a non-Zone household and hanging out with a very non-Zone fiancee). I gave myself an activity level of .9 due to 5 days/week of 2 hours/day boxing training and a couple CF WODs per week. So multiplying my 188lbs by .87 gives me an LBM of 163.5 and then multiplying that by .9 gives me a protein intake of 147, or 21 blocks. That seems like an awful lot of food for me to be taking in, considering that much better CFers than I aren't eating that much. Have I overestimated my activity level? Or should I just start piling the food in my mouth?

I made a Zone meal of 3 blocks walnut crusted baked salmon (it's easy...toss walnuts in chopper, put on top of salmon, add lemon pepper and cajun if you desire, bake at 400 for 20 minutes), 2 blocks of brown rice, 2 block of broccoli, a block of teriyaki, 2 blocks of cottage cheese, and 6 blocks of olive oil. Wow that was alot of food!

What do you more experienced Zoners suggest?
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