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Don't Even Bother

This article is solely opinion, thank God, but I'm sure someone out there will use it as ammo.

To sum, Etzioni is saying that focusing our energy on trying to get adults to become healthier is pointless because "body mass is very resistant to change once it settles." Like "cement." And because the only way to get people healthy is to "spend good money, consume drinks and eat food that is artificially doctored, take medications that have side effects and engage in various fashionable diets that actually undermine their health."

So, we should essentially give up on everyone that's past childhood, let them go their merry, Twinkie-eating way, and attack the problem where it starts, in childhood.

Yes, but how do we do that? According to Etzioni it's....drumrollll....PUBLIC POLICY! Especially laudable is Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program. Because you know, her agenda of eat fresh foods, low fat whole grains blah blah blah is completely groundbreaking and not at all what the government has been pushing for 30 years.

Sigh. I agree, kids need to hear this. But I really don't think public policy is the way to go. And I'm annoyed at his "just give up" attitude.
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