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Re: Anders' log

Yesterday’s training:

An extensive warm up followed by

Shoulder press 4-3-2-1 reps @ 54-56-58-60kgs (119lbs-132lbs)
GHD situps 5x10
Back extensions 5x10

As cash out I finished with max reps of 30kg/66lbs shoulder press. I managed to get 31 ( the last I would count as push presses☺ ). Brutal.

Met up with 3 friends for our first swim practice. Ever.
We did 90mins of swimming. Mostly crawl and skill developers for crawl. This was extremely taxing and far away from comfort zone. I’m a lousy swimmer and these Thursday sessions will be grinders – still, I think it is going be a blast!
The next time we will attend the training with matching (red) speedos and goggles. It is all in the appearance ☺

Have a good weekend

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