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October 12th, 2010.

Started working out.

Strength and Conditioning CFE WOD:

Scaled.. a lot.

1 set of 6 chinups, chest to bar and a few burpees (didn't really count, don't really know what AMRAP burpees mean).
1 set of 3 chinups chest to bar, and a little more burpees (more than the first set).

Needless to say I haven't trained for a while, and even then I wasn't built for speed, or aerobics, or anything including sports.. just slow weightlifting.

Well, although I scaled a lot.., I still felt like I'm gonna pass out, I think the person who took the workout area, pretty much saved my life, I wanted to go for set 3, was too tired so I wanted to take a little more time to rest.., and then I decided to give it up.

1. I really really need to get in shape. or to shape.
2. Scale even more, to prevent passing out.
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