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10 Months Post Shoulder Surgury

I had surgery to repair my rotator cuff in my right shoulder on Feb 17 2016. The doc said I had 2 tears. A partial and a nearly complete tear. He also shaved down the clavical and removed some bursitis. I went through therapy and have continuned my own at home based on the therapist recomendations. At 9 months post op I was given the green light to work out on my right side as long as I didn't feel any pain. The doc said to stay within my range of motion. That's where the problem lies. There is always pain and limited range of motion. I have about 90-95% mobility in my right shoulder as aposed to my left (good shoulder). I am not able to do a back squat with both hands on the bar. The right side it too stiff. I've tried many stretching exerices but I can't seem to gain any mobitlity. I have my 1 year follow up in about 6 weeks. How long does it take to recouperate from shoulder surgery? Can anybody recommend a streching routine?

PS: not to mention I can't do overhead anything. And benching sucks too.

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