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Re: Price's PR Palace

12:00 PM

Unplanned Crossfit Total day, not the best time to be 1RMing for me with the squat program I'm doing but hey.
1RM Back squat - 315 , Got over 300 when my legs are sore so it's a victory

1RM strict press - 165, by far my worst lift and I've very much neglected it

1RM Deadlift - 495, 5lbs below my personal best so i'll take it

Total - 975

15 min rest

20 Mim AMRAP

1 Deadlift 405#
10 T2B
15 Bar facing burpees

Total - 8 Rnds

10 min rest

E2MOM for 10 min
3 Bar MU

5 min rest

10 Mins of 30 on 30 sec off Ski erg

20 mins of shoulder accessory work

8x50 DU, bought and RPM rope and it's taking some getting used to.
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