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Originally Posted by Dustin Wintczak View Post
Coffee FTW. Especially since I poured myself some 30 seconds before getting on here to find a discussion about coffee.

John: Did they every get new bars in the EWU Rec Center? Both of the bars they had for the lifing pads were bent, one of them was bent to the point that the collars wouldn't spin when I did cleans.
Yep. Their pretty solid, too. Not to much bend, but just enough. My only complaint is that they don't have good bumpers. They have some eleiko plastic bumpers that are a bear to get on and off, and then some rubber bumpers that bounce to the ceiling when you drop them. All in all, they need a more generous selection. They have about 7-8 45's, 10 25s, and about a bajillion 10s. Of course, I'm only talking about the bumpers. They have a decent supply of everything else in the squat/bench racks.