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Timothy Cox
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12:00 PM Saturday :bangin:

5 Min. on treadmill
3x15 of situps and back extensions

I didn't have the rings for muscle-ups, so I did the alternate workout

For Time:
120 PU (I did 60 assisted PU and 60 Lat Pulldowns)
120 Dips (I went from very lightly assisted to halfway assisted by the end)

Total Time:32 Min.
Polar HR watch stats:
395 Total Calories
Max HR 161
Avg. HR 134

Pretty brutal towards the end of these sets. I'm working my way up to total bodyweight exercises. These workouts make me realize how much more thorough the CF workouts are than basic bodybuilding workouts.

I look foward to getting stronger in both of these exercies.:showoff:

Please be gentle on me for Sunday's WOD!:crutch00:

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