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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Wed was just some light rowing and rehab.

Thursday- arrived early- warm up the hammies and some shoulder rehab.

Wall balls- EMOM- 10/12/14/16/18/20 just working on dropping my arms to my side after the release. Felt good.

Dead lift- work up to a heavy single- 45,155,205,265,315,345,375,395,415,437#
In the middle of the sets I would say the serenity prayer. The part where it says "The courage to change the things I can" I said I have the ability to rip this bar off the ground so I did.
Drop down to 4 sets 2 min each- 345#x5

Warm up with the class- bear crawl with a game of Tick tack toe.

Warm up the movements- burpee with a snatch 50# each arm- Devils press they call it. Renegade rows and pistols. I have not done those in over a year. Rusty to say the least.

5 rounds 3:00 work/1:00 rest
2 devils press
2 renegade rows
8 pistols

I looked at Taylor 21+ and Corey 18+ rounds.

I just went for it. I focused on super fast dp and rr then went fast how I could in the pistols.

I ended up with 21 round plus 2. Not a games event but was a games effort. A bunch of effort spilling on the workout. Happy about this.

Ice vest and 3 sets of :15 on the aa bike with 1:30 rest- 17 cal each.

Chill and stretch. Then went to pick up Gracen.

Watched John Wick III with my lady. A bunch of killing for sure. Amazing everyone died except him. Hehe
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