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Re: Why no beans on Paleo Diet????

Originally Posted by Rahif Murray View Post
Before I went strict Paleo I used to get my carbs from fruits, vegetables, and also beans (particularly black beans and chick peas, a.k.a. Hummus) and it seemed like I had a much easier time putting on muscle mass and I didn't notice any fat increase plus I felt a lot stronger. From what I've heard, beans are discouraged from a Paleo Diet but I've never heard the why. I would love some input into the reason why beans aren't allowed. Some background info: 27y.o./6'5''/205lbs.
Yeah, phytates are an issue. If you really can't do without legumes, they need to be properly prepared in order to mitigate the phytates.

Check out the WAPF for traditional preparation methods for legumes, nuts, and grains:
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