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Re: Deployment Fitness Guide

Originally Posted by Harley Jennings View Post
I think this hits a lot of different topics that are great points for Soldiers in a Combat Zone. To me, the over arching LOE in your guide is "getting a good workout, while not sacrificing mission readiness". This is a strong point as you do see a lot of guys deploy with the main goal of bodybuilding in mind.

With that said, I wouldn't address the PT test. I think it is a mute point. Most of us that would get anything from this guide have no issues with a 300 PT test and certainly do not "train" for the pt test. Plus, I might be wrong, but the General Order still stands that Soldiers cannot be flagged from a failed PT test in combat, only H/W flags can be initiated for the fatties.

Other than that, I would use this guide with my Soldiers. Might think about toning down the "Fobbits" speak. The term was big in OIF II, kind of lossed its power in the last 4 years. A lot of those guys didn't choose to be in a leaf eater MOS and would kill at the chance to be at the side of us who do bust the wire on a daily basis.

Food for thought.
Good input. I'm still running some things through my head. I need to work on a CNS load section as I forget most people don't understand your body doesn't know the difference between stressors, just stress. I'm not sure what the current order is. I'm pretty sure you're right, but there was alot of excess pressure to make everyone pass. Our commander stepped over the line a few times threatening flags for PT. I think the LTC put his *** in place

I may be wrong but most guys that actually wanna be outside don't consider themselves fobbits. Fobbitism is a mindset I guess it has lost power since some people didn't even know what it meant this tour

As far as the PT test, I'm making a seperate 'Tips" page. I'll link it to the guide but won't really keep any info in it.

My next goal is to start breaking stuff down more into lists. Then have a quick reference card or something.

Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming.

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