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Re: Deployment Fitness Guide

I think this hits a lot of different topics that are great points for Soldiers in a Combat Zone. To me, the over arching LOE in your guide is "getting a good workout, while not sacrificing mission readiness". This is a strong point as you do see a lot of guys deploy with the main goal of bodybuilding in mind.

With that said, I wouldn't address the PT test. I think it is a mute point. Most of us that would get anything from this guide have no issues with a 300 PT test and certainly do not "train" for the pt test. Plus, I might be wrong, but the General Order still stands that Soldiers cannot be flagged from a failed PT test in combat, only H/W flags can be initiated for the fatties.

Other than that, I would use this guide with my Soldiers. Might think about toning down the "Fobbits" speak. The term was big in OIF II, kind of lossed its power in the last 4 years. A lot of those guys didn't choose to be in a leaf eater MOS and would kill at the chance to be at the side of us who do bust the wire on a daily basis.

Food for thought.
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