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Re: Deployment Fitness Guide

Originally Posted by Ryan Whitley View Post
When do you run in your program?
On mission Honestly there is no program, only samples and guidelines as of now.

But I would do intervals of 800M and less on your high intensity day if you chose to follow the 4X7 format. Unless you're training for the PT test, then I would just follow the Crossfit Endurance protocols on your high intensity day with your minimum pushups done non-stop prior to the runs. Situps as well if you have rare grassy field in the desert or pad near your running area.

If not following the 4X7 format, just do the same intervals or CFE workout 2-3 times a week and some strength training 2-3 times a week.

But as can be guessed training for the PT test is not ideal if you're running missions. I'd rather fail at numbers than fail a mission. Check your workload and adjust accordingly, survival is just a tiny bit more important than a flag.

I think a whole treatsie could go into how garrisoning combat zones is putting guys at risk with pressure to perform garrison and admin tasks on top of mission load, but that's a whole other article

But with that, I should probably address the PT test as it is becoming way too common over there. I'll start working on that.

Thanks again guys


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