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Re: Deployment Fitness Guide

Hey, it was a good read. I especially enjoyed the use of the word "fobbit". The advice on setting up equipment was useful. The things I would do to improve the article would be to just clean it up ( maybe clean up the language, depending on the audience), make your transitions a little better between subjects and if possible, give a more detailed description of the CNS demands when military/police/ firefighters have to conduct missions, taskings, fighting structural fires, etc.
What I mean by that is that if someone was to go into the article without understanding the demands that are placed on the body by performing tasks in theater and the lack of accessibility to a set sleeping schedule and home cooked meals, they might not understand completely. It might be useful to include some information on it.

I still found it a very good read, these are just some suggestions and feedback that I hope you find useful.
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