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Deployment Fitness Guide

So I've put together a rough draft of a Deployment Fitness Guide. I'd like you guys to check it out and tell me what you think. And if you have any idea's or questions by all means shoot them to me. I'm gonna try and make this public in April. Right now it's just my newsletter subscribers and a couple others. Being the Crossfit forum, I may get flamed for some of my views of CF in reference to deployment fitness. So go in knowing that, try to keep an unbiased view of the overall product, not one or two sections of it.

Deployment Fitness Guide May not be work safe as I make fun of people

Like I said it's just some stuff that whirls around my head, so it may seem a bit dissorganized. I may have to start putting each section on a different page. It's got a couple video's so it may load slow. Let me know about that as well.


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