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Thanks everyone. :happy:

A bit more specific, Chris recommended trying out the crossfit warmup until I was comfortable with that, but a few of the exercises, like the back-extensions and dips, look like you need equipment to do them, and I probably won't be getting any equipment for a month or two. Any recommendations on any around-the-house things I might be able to use in place of the equipment, or exercises I might substitute for those until I get some?

Also, along the lines of what Mike said on finding something I'd enjoy enough to stick with, I've been looking around for a while and think I might really be able to get into some gymnastic exercises, like I found in this thread (, but I'm not sure what parts, if any, would be the kind of basics that I'm going to be starting off with right now, or if I'd do better to do other things and get somewhat in shape before trying to get into this kind of stuff.
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