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Re: Double ups jump rope

Originally Posted by Alan Conley View Post
I am new to Crossfit . I can jump rope. I have two problems: 1) I am used to going for time instead of counting. 2) I hate counting I just want to go for it and go hard. 3) Then there is this math formula ? divide by two ????. 4) I watched just about all the Buddy Lee videos guy is a jump rope NINJA!! but I still don't get how to count? I am no Buddy Lee but I can hold my own with a jump rope just can't count!
[en doing "double unders", be sure to jump high enough for the rope to pass twice under your feet. Simply count every time you jump or land.

Example: *JUMP* - *pass, pass* - *LAND* - 1 - *JUMP* - *pass, pass* - *LAND* - 2 - *JUMP*

If walking and chewing gum is not your forte...then just ask someone to count for you.