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Re: Starting on the Zone : Where to start ?

Hi Brian,

you only count the 1/3 cup of oatmeal towards your carb blocks, you still need to balance that with extra blocks of protein and fat.

Because measuring out cooked porridge is a bit messy you can also work out how much dry oats to cook from the nutritional information. If there are 77g of Carb per 100g (1 block of Carb is 9g) then there are about 8.5 blocks per 100g so go for about 10-12g of raw oats per block.

You generaly only count a food towards the macro-nutirent that it has most of. eg meat, only counts as protein, veggies as carbs, nuts as fat etc. even if they contain additional fat/carb/protein. The exceptions being those in the combo items list which are counted as protein and carb (milk, yogurt etc).

The only other things I can think of to get you started would be that if you have a "fat free" or "very low fat" protein source (protein powder is one example I can think of) then you should double the amount of fat blocks, otherwise your body starts using the protein for energy instead of repairing your body. Also don't worry if you can't eat 3 whole lettuce for your carb blocks, who can? Being light on the carbs side won't do you much harm and if you are getting hungry between meals/snacks then you aren't eating enough protein or fat, Increase these not the carbs.

It all sounds really complicated but, once you get used to the approx quantities you need for each meal then it gets easier and it works!
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