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I've noticed that I'm more strong than endurant. I've begun working on this, but since my schedule at the time doesn't allow me to do every WOD, I've enginered a home training program, that you might get a little inspiration from.

The general idea is creating 3 different goals at a time - a goal cycle, you may call it. The first cycle has the following 3 goals: 8 onearm pushups per arm, 250 squats and 1 minute of L-sit. Once these 3 goals has been accomplished, it's time for the next goal cycle: 50 pushups, 10 onelegged squats per leg and 2 minutes of frog stance. Etcetera ...

You get the general idea: working on either strength or endurance and split it between upper- and lower body + an extra goal to spice it up. So 1 goal for upperbody - strength - 1 for lower body - endurance - and once these have been reached, you shift to 1 goal for upper body - endurance - and 1 for lower body - strength.
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