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Post Shoulder Pain Under Collar Bone


I am struggling with a shoulder pain on my left (non-dominant). I am currently visiting a PT weekly, but thus far, the pain hasn't subsided.

Concisely, I have weight lifted heavily for well over a year. I am very careful about my shoulder health. I perform a 20 minute mobility workout before EVERY session. I also perform pretty much all movements with pinched scapula. I have now been off the gym for 4 weeks and haven't lifted or exercised at all.

It's a dull ache felt just under my collar bone. The pain does seem to radiate throughout the whole shoulder. I have no problem moving my shoulder at all. I can move in all directions without any impingement. However, I feel the ache when I pull my shoulder downwards and forwards. My shoulder is also VERY clicky. If I rotate my shoulder I get a consistent huge series of cracks. Something really does not feel "right", especially in comparison to my right shoulder, which is healthy.

I have tried finding trigger points with a lacrosse ball to no avail.

My posture is good and I make a solid effort all day long to keep it that way, however, I do work at a computer.

I don't want to waffle, but I can of course answer any specific questions.

Any help at all would be appreciated.
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