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Thanks for the response Dave. Its not really that I want to find a name for it, but rather, finding out what its name is or should be, determine what benefits I would be getting from prolonged use of the exercise.

Regarding Squats now and how they train my glutes equally bit differently ...I have never felt my glutes sore from a heavy squatting day, which is something I cant say about DL days...

Knees tracking out directly over the feet? Sorry, this where my english doesnt help me visualize something :happy:

In general two "faults" Ive noticed when squatting(and so has a "trainer") at a gym are:

1. Fluttering knees

When it gets too rough and the load is too heavy My knees will usually wiggle inwards to help me bring the weight up. Could this be attributed to my 10:30-1:30 foot stance? If I bring them both at 12:00 oclock I cant quite get the range and depth I get now.

So you see Im at a conflict. Either Im doing them right and something else is causing the knee flutter, or Im doing them wrong, and not getting adequate range with 12:00 positioning means I have poor flexibility.

2. Yawing Pelvis

At same time I notice the above fault, something else might spring up. My pelvis will usually yaw to one direction at the make it or break it moment of the squat. Is this attributed to a stronger right leg or am I trying to produce momentum with this yawing to help me get the weight up (and thus am cheating)?

I know disecting my squats and my little bitty faults might be a bore, but I am certain I am far off my potential performance...
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