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Re: Back Squat (going low enuf? lower back rounding?...)

a few suggestions, in no particular order of importance

1. Try box squatting. Have a box that gets you just below parallel so there are no questions. I've seen it help a ton of people that start to get so low that lower back starts to round. Going low helps you use the other parts - mainly posterior chain stuff. It distributes the load to more than just the quads.

2. There is a bit of driving with the hips first without the chest/shoulders moving up. Maybe drive your head back into the bar a bit (doesn't mean your eyes need to be looking up at the ceiling). This might help with keeping upright using the whole body as a unit to squat up rather than isolating the push to the back.

3. Either strengthen your core (takes time and squatting is a great way to do it) or for a quick fix, work on your breathing and what you are doing with your core/trunk/abs as a brace. It locks your back and keeps things really tight below the chest. Thats key to help with the bit of "folding over" you seem to have.

4. Even though I said no order of importance, this is the big one. Go to and look up their 'So you think you can squat series'. Its 5+ videos I think and they are gold. Especially if you are working with a bit more of a low bar/powerlifting squat vs. the oly high bar, anyone with an 1100lb squat has figured some stuff out and you should listen. Thats the guy that does the videos.

Lighten the weight, work on technique and generally just...keep squatting. Thats the #1 thing. The more problems you have that you don't address (sloppy or a bit shaky on technique), combined with increased weight and you interfere with the most important part - 'the ability to keep squatting'...
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